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Rich Information within reach

Many Public Domain objects need to be inventorized. Inventories need to be maintained. Some maintenance programs are steered by law, others remain at the initiative of the local authority or other owner. With the inventory, a series of documents, photographs and other elements are relevent to execute the task of maintenance of the public domain.

Asset Inventory Management from Mobile Mapping

The Orbit Asset Inventory Management solution combines a series of modules and techniques that are perfectly integrated to generate an easy to use solution for a wide variety of inventories, combining position, photography, status, documentation and more. Direct integration with Mobile Mapping content empowers each user to access rich information at a click.

Orbit's AIM solution is ready for production and consultancy, feature extraction and overlays, stand-alone, client/server or internet based.

Mobile Mapping Systems support

Current version support mobile mapping data from Topcon IP-S2, Reigl,Trimble It also support a generic import for panoramic images and point clouds.



Value Added Integration

The Orbit Asset Inventory Management solution combines a series of tools to an integrated suite of functions. The combination of Orbit Mobile Mapping tools, Orbit GPS Photography, the Orbit Asset Inventory tools and the standard Orbit GIS editing tools, brings each of them to the next level. With the free definition of your database, you can effectively create and manage any kind of inventory.

Some Inventory Examples

Define any number of inventories, and define the contents of each individual inventory. Here are some examples, each with a different set of attributes : damages to the public domain, litter, busstops, glasscontainers, signposts, traffic lights, street lights, trees, etc.

Extended Documentation for each Object

For each object, regardless to which inventory it belongs, the Asset Inventory integrates registration of pictures, geo-located pictures and Mobile Mapping snapshots to be registered as image data. Word, PDF, or other types of files are listed under ‘Documents’. You may also link other geographic files, such as a local measurement to an object. Finally, all objects can be individually annotated with the standard redlining tool.

GIS integrated Mobile Mapping

This Asset Management solution is an extension to Orbit GIS, thus automatically embedding Mobile Mapping content in your corporate GIS environment.



KullanIM alanlarI

Application fields

  • High Accuracy Measurement
  • Mobile Data Interpretation
  • Asset Extracation
  • Asset Documentation
  • Asset Superimposed Display
  • Inventory Management
  • Event Documentation
  • and more !




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